Product development

Production analyses

Preparation with appropriate suggestions and implementation support, in particular in
the fields of formwork and construction equipment manufacturing and metal processing.

Production rationalisation without investment

Production rationalisation with investment

Tool development

Design, development and construction of punching and forming tools.

Manufacture and delivery, including with eccentric or hydraulic press (new or used).


5 work steps (conventional) 1 work step
1. Sawing 1 completely finished part with each press stroke:
2. Flattening (2x) Flattening and punching (2 sides),
3. Punching (2x) Separation with 4 x radius
2. + 3. On end of workpiece!


Apparatus development

Design, development, construction and manufacture of all kinds of apparatus.
In particular, hydraulic welding apparatus for formwork elements.




Special-purpose machines

Design, development, construction and production of special-purpose machines
including commissioning, training, etc.

Planning and production of PLC control systems.




HR recruitment and procurement of orders

  • Recruitment of specialists and temporary workers from Hungary
  • Recruitment and procurement of orders Germany ↔ Hungary
  • Welding construction in steel and aluminium
  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning